Dr. Holly Furneaux wrote, "The Victorian period is a key moment in the history of sexuality; it is the era in which the modern terminologies we use to structure the ways we think and talk about sexuality were invented"( See more at:

Dr. Kathryn Hughes offers this in her essay on Victorian gender roles, "At the same time, a young girl was not expected to focus too obviously on finding a husband. Being ‘forward’ in the company of men suggested a worrying sexual appetite." (See more at:

While both of these women are speaking to a time period in which real people lived, they are also speaking to the same people in which mythical ones were created. I am, of course, referring to the Victorian Era's spark of creative genius with the creation of Vampires and the explosion that came from it with sexual repression being brought to the forefront.

Vampires were not monsters in the traditional sense. They were men who lusted blood that they drained from the necks of their female prey. There is much to be said about this imagery and the nature of this illustrious ceremony, but that's not what this is about. This is about the sex appeal of the vampire and more specifically, the two sexiest vampires of all-time, co-starring in the same film.

The reason I reference the good doctors are not because they were talking about LeStat and Louis, but because they spoke to the climate of the Victorian Era, which has had a great impact on the late 20th century and an even bigger impact, monetarily, on the 21st. You saw a similar shift in the culture of sex in the 80's and 90's and the way it was shown and popularized in film. And it was during this period that Hollywood started bring Victorian novels and characters to life.

Through the 80's and 90's there were, perhaps, no two bigger sex icons that embodied the times like Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt.

They were the predominate sexual icons throughout the 80's and 90's. Both men have iconic films and scenes where they're known more for wearing less clothes than any at all (Tom Cruise: Risky Business and Top Gun; Brad Pitt: Fight Club and Legends of the Fall). Both men were movies stars by the time they were in their early 20's and both had reached incredible notoriety before that even.

Both men echoed a new sentiment in Hollywood film. Women flocked to theaters to see these men yet they were not seen as simple movie stars, but great actors. And by the time 1994 and Interview with the Vampire rolled around, they were not only the two biggest stars and heart throbs but two of the biggest movie stars Hollywood had ever seen. And, to make it, arguably, the best looking cast of vampires of all-time, Christian Slater and Antonio Banderas were also cast.

Looking back on this film, it's become apparent that this film not only embodied the era it was filmed in and the Victorian ideals of sexy vampires and sexual repression, but absolutely, unequivocally, had the hottest cast of vampires Hollywood has ever scene.,9171,981862,00.html#ixzz18oap8qek

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