Throughout the movie, Let The Right One in, by Thomas Alfredson there are two main characters that I want to elaborate more about: Eli and Oskar. The movie follows the plot of the book, Låt den rätte komma in, written by John Ajvide Linqvist in 2004. Oskar is a teenage boy who attends the local middle school in Blackeberg, a suburb of Stockholm. Oskar lives in an apartment complex with his mother, as it seems his parents are divorced. During the movie he sees his father a few times, but his father and mother are never seen together [1]. Oskar seems to be interested in school for the most part, but also has a history of getting bullied at school. The bullying that Oskar experiences at school makes him want to harm and possibly kill the boys that bully him in school, but he does not have the courage to go through with any retaliation. Oskar, as a person, is very invested into crime and violence, so much so that he even keeps newspaper crime reports that he puts into a scrapbook to look at [2].

One day, as Oskar is in the courtyard of his apartment complex, he decides to bring a knife down and approach a tree as if it is one of the bullies. This is when he meets Eli, who is sitting directly behind him without any shoes on, curious as to what he is doing. Eli is a vampire, which is not obvious immediately, but becomes obvious as the plot continues to emerge. She seems to be around the same age as Oskar, but later reveals that she "is 12. But has been 12 for a very long time." She carries many of the traits necessary of a vampire, feeds on blood, only steps out during the night, cannot eat human food, needs to be invited into houses before coming in, cannot feel the cold, and has the ability to fly. The two became friends, and even more than just friends, through bonding by mutually being the outsiders in their lives. This outsider theme is also followed in Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 1 Episode 1 "Welcome to Hellmouth," [3] where she is also seen to be an outsider within her new school, after burning down her last one. She is not seen to be the same type of outsider as Oskar and Eli are, because she is accepted for who she is nearly immediately, but in the beginning she is treated like one.

Oskar And Eli

Picture of Oskar and Eli sitting together with Oskar's rubix cube.


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