The 2008 romantic horror "Let the Right One In", by the swedish director Tomas Alfredson is a tale as old as time. It delves into the depths of what it truly means to be an

outsider and how easily people are willing to jump to conclusions. But more than that it shares a message of never judging a book by its cover. 

Main Theme Edit


Oskar, a very obvious outsider in his world, befriends a lone girl from his apartment complex. The two become almost obsessed with each other bonding over their shared outsider characteristics. Using their connection the director allows the viewer to fully understand what it means to be an outsider. To see the world form their eyes. They are constantly being overlooked. No one want to make the effort to reach out and make them feel safe and comfortable with them, and people feel like they are weak. That they are easy targets to pick on. Only someone who has also been through that can really understand what it feels like. The fact that Eli is a vampire only adds fuel to the flames. As a vampire she can't go out into the day light with everyone else and socialize. She must sleep and then live in the night when no one else is awake. Oskar accepts this. He understands that that is who she is and she cannot change that. Alfredson wants everyone to critique themselves on the conclusion that they jump to about certain people. 

The Outsider Edit

Being an outsider is common among vampires. Another example of this is the tv show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer ". In Season 1 Episode 1, "Welcome to Hellmouth", Buffy is an outsider. She is new to the school and she has a bad reputation. Although she is not a vampire it is her association with vampires that has made her an outsider. Staying up all night, burning down school gyms, and starting fights are all things that lead to her being an outsider. At her new school she is pretending to be something that she is not in order to fit in with everyone else. It is not until she is back in her own element however that she begins to fit in and come out of her shell.

References Edit

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