In the Film, "Let The Right One in" (2008) the protagonists, Oskar and Eli, are both outsiders who feel isolated form society. Oskar is and twelve-year-old boy who is lonely and bullied. Eli is isolated and lonely because of her vampire status. She does not associate with the the human network, doesn’t go to school, and only interacts with her companion Hakan and occasionally Oskar. These feeling of isolation and loneliness are one of the aspects that attract Oskar and Eli to each other. Additionally, the loss of her other companion. Hakan, also drives Eli to Oskar. Immediately following Hakan’s death, Eli and Oskar get much closer. At the end of the film, Eli and Oskar run away on a train together; they are in love and the film suggests that they will be together for a long time. This leads us to the question, what will happen as Oskar ages and Eli remains the same age? Oskar will have to live with Eli, a vampire, and take care of her. One can’t help but think about Hakan and how he cared for Eli, a job that ultimate led to his demise. Will Oskar suffer the same fate? Hakan cared for Eli to the point where he sacrificed his own vales and life; he murdered people and drained their blood for Eli. He even pours acid on his face and allows Eli to drink his blood. Throughout the film Hakan seems guilty and damaged by the things he has done. Maybe at one time he loved Eli like Oskar did and as he aged, she remained the same. Eli is over two hundred years old and has most likely had many relationships. Oskar is fundamentally taking Hakan’s place; the “happy ending” is not so happy when you consider that the life is ahead of him is killing innocent people so his love can live.

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