Summary analysis of characters in Let the Right One In:

Let the Right One In is a film about a young vampire, Eli, who befriends a boy by the name of Oskar. The film is based off of the vampire novel by John Ajvide Lindqvst, which was published in 2004 []. Oskar is a twelve year old boy who is very lonely and bullied a lot at school []. His parents are divorced and whether he is at school or at home he is alone the majority of the time. Oskar is presented as an outsider in the film. Throughout the film there are several times when Oskar is portrayed as such. One of the biggest portrayals of Oskar being an outsider is that he doesn’t have any friends at school. The harsh bullying ads to the theme of Oskar being an outsider as well. It is not until Oskar meets Eli that he feels a sense of belonging. Eli is a young vampire who is often alone and used to fleeing from place to place. The basis of the film is the developing friendship between Eli and Oskar, two outsiders, who in turn better each others’ lives.

The theme of the vampire throughout the film:

One of the most relevant themes throughout “Let the Right One In” is the portrayal of the vampire. Eli is characterized by the traditional definition of a vampire which is someone who survives off of blood from the living. Aside from this definition, Eli has several other qualities of vampires. She is cold to the touch, has very pale skin, moves swiftly and can climb several stories, she also cannot go in the sun. Eli also cannot go in a home unless she is invited in. If she is not invited in she begins to bleed from her extremities. Although Eli’s vampire character is rooted in some traditional vampire qualities there are also many elements of vampires that are not portrayed in her character. For instance there are aspects of vampirism that are rooted from Bram Stokers’ Dracula that are not apparent in the film. There are no wooden stakes used to kill vampires of garlic to discourse them []. The theme of the vampire is crucial to how the film is interpreted. 

Outside Sources:

Course Sources:

Bram Stoker's Dracula

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