The Swedish film, “Let the Right One In”tells the story of a 12 year boy ,Oskar, that becomes friends with a secretive young girl, Eli. Before he met Eli, Oskar led a mundane life and was bullied by a boy named Conny. This brings me to my topic about how Conny could be misunderstood. I am not going to try and convince you why his actions were justified because they aren’t. I’m only trying to explain my thoughts on how he became a bully.

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He is introduced into the story as a little brat that enjoys terrorizing Oskar. Later in the film, we see that he has a brother, Jimmy, that enjoys bullying Conny as well. The moment when Conny’s brother tussles with him, I realized that Jimmy’s behavior could be a result of family conflict. I believe that Conny is misunderstood as a character in this film because of his bully stigma. His actions are the result of the helplessness he feels when around his brother (Why Do Kids Bully). Therefore, to feel better about himself, he tortures and overpowers Oskar to make him feel more in control. The audience can easily disregard this because all they see is a simple antagonist. However, delving into the theory behind his behavior could help us understand his actions towards Oskar.

Near the end of the film where Jimmy holds Oskar’s head underwater, Conny regrets his decision to involve Jimmy. However, the feelings don’t last long after Eli emerges and kills all of them to save Oskar.

I think Conny learned his lesson and felt bad for terrorizing Oskar but in retrospect, Conny deserved what was coming to him. He was a classic middle school bully that was defeated in the end.


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