Poor Oskar :/.... being an outsider sucks. He is always getting bullied and spends most of his time plotting revenge. It seems almost perfectly planned for Eli to come swooping in right as Oskar is at his complete worst. They end up finding romance in each other which is a little creepy, because she is a blood sucking vampire. Well, Oskar is brave when it comes to this stuff. Unlike Bella, in Twilight who at first freaked out when she realized who Edward really was, a vampire. The director portrays the idea of social exclusion really well by capturing the little details like how Eli cannot enter a house unless being invited in and also the fact she cannot be out in the day light. These details almost make it undeniable to the viewer that it is already hard enough for her to make friends. Social exclusion by definition occurs when individuals are blocked or denied access to opportunities usually available to members of a society. Oskar shows his true character when they are at the fair and Eli tries to eat popcorn and ends up having to throw it up. Oskar learns from Eli to eventually stand up to the bullies and not be scared of anyone. Oskar's love for Eli shows that true love can over come any boundary. Also, it is important to note how smart Oscar is. For example, when a police officer came into his class he was able to determine the cause of death because he could tell there was no smoke in the lungs. Even the police officer was stunned. Overall, Oscar was a smart kid but was not nearly at his best without his girlfriend Eli.

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