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Let the Right One In, a Swedish Film by Thomas Alfredson Edit

Plot Edit

This is a romantic horror film about a boy named Oskar that lives with his mother in Stockholm and befriends a vampire girl named Eli.  In the beginning, I thought maybe Eli would be an evil vampire like the corpse, but she only kills for her benefits, not for the fun of it. Oskar is an outsider where he lives and is bullied by his classmates. Eli is a vampire that moves into Oskar’s neighborhood with her father. Her father kills people around the town to provide blood for Eli. Her fathers risks and sacrifices his life everyday to keep Eli alive. Eli and Oskar first meet when Eli warns Oskar that they will never be able to be friends, and that confuses Oskar right away. When they see each other again, Eli sees Oskar playing with a Rubik’s Cube. Eli is perplexed by what Oskar is playing with and wants to learn more about it. Oskar then says she can borrow it for the weekend while Oskar is visiting his dads. When Oskar returns, he finds the Rubik’s Cube all solved at the place they usually meet. Confused for days, Eli finally approaches Oskar and teaches him how to solve it. This begins their friendship, which will later lead into a romantic relationship.

Eli’s father gets caught one time trying to kill for Eli and pours acid on himself so the police wouldn’t be able to identify him. When Eli notices what had happened to her father she goes and visits him at the hospital. She finds him and sucks his blood and he passes away. This is when Eli realizes she is alone and the only person she has to keep her happy is Oskar. Oskar and Eli both help each other grow stronger and learn to love each other more. Oskar helps Eli feel accepted in a world where she is not. Eli helps Oskar become more confident within him and stand up to his bullies, even when it may seem hard. Oskar and Eli love each other very much, but Eli keeps her distance knowing that Oskar doesn’t know her situation yet.

When Oskar takes Eli down into a cellar, he takes her and intends to mix blood with her. When he cuts his hand, blood falls to the floor and Eli cant contain herself. She quickly goes to lick the blood from the floor. Eli floods and rushes away very quickly in need for more blood. Oskar is left confused and puzzled. As Eli flies up a tree, she lands on a woman named Virginia. She sucks her blood, but not enough. Virginia’s husband comes and kicks Eli off. Therefore, this leaves Virginia to become a vampire as well. Virginia then goes to the hospital and tells her husband that Eli has given her an infection. As Virginia knows she infected she urges the nurse to open the blinds. As this happens Virginia lights on fire and immediately dies. Her husband is so enraged and sad, he sets off to find Eli and kill her.

Oskar and Eli have talked it through about Eli being a vampire, and Oskar still has deep feelings for her. When Oskar wakes up he sees a note on the wall from Eli talking about how she is in the bathroom and not to come in, she will meet him later. As Oskar hears someone comes in, its Virginia’s husband out to kill Eli. As he is about to stab Eli, Oskar saves her and then Eli sucks his blood and kills him. Oskar and Eli move on and do not see each other anymore, until one particular night. Oskar gets bullied by those kids again and is about to get really hurt. One of the boys says if he doesn’t stay under water for 3 minutes, he will cut his ear or eye out. Oskar stays under for as long as he can, until Eli comes to his rescue. Eli kills all the bullies and Oskar is saved. There love is the best type of romance.. Their love was endless, and would have done anything for one another. The last scene is Oskar on a train doing the secret code to Eli.  

Eli Edit

Eli is one of the main characters of this horror film. She is the vampire within this film in which Oskar, an ordinary 12 year old boy, meets her for the first at the play area in front of their apartment. Eli is able to withstand the cold environment and she can also fly to Oskar's rescue when he is being bullied. Even though Eli is quiet and mysterious, Oskar continues to stay by her side and falls in love with her. After seeing Oskar's wounds from being bullied, Eli could no longer stand the site of Oskar being hurt and so she takes matters into her own hand. Eli is portrayed within the film with the typical assumptions that society has about vampires, which is that they suck blood of humans in order to survive and cannot consume food without becoming ill. There are many more characteristics of vampires displayed in Jeffrey Cohen: "Monster Culture: Seven Theses" and on the article titled The Modern Vampire. The one major difference between the way vampires are shown today and Eli is that most of the time, films of vampires today are mainly male who come to the rescue whereas in Let the Right One In, Eli is the vampire hero.

Oskar Edit

Oskar, who is a 12 year old boy and one of the main characters of the film, is being bullied at school by a group of boys. One day he encounters a girl named Eli who appears to be quiet and mysterious. He later ask how old she is and she replies by saying that she is about 12 years old. After Oskar's conversation with Eli, he becomes more curious about what Eli was like. As he spends more time with Eli and notices the odd behaviors that she has such as not being able to consume food without throwing up or her ability to withstand the cold weather. He later discovers that she is a vampire but at that point, he had already fallen in love with her.

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Sources Edit

Jeffrey Cohen: "Monster Culture: Seven Theses"

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