In the film “Let the Right One In”, loyalty is a strong element that bonds two main relationships in the film. By this I am referring to the relationship between Eli and Oskar, and Eli and Hakan. Eli and Oskar are both outcasts in society. Eli is an outcast because she is a vampire, and Oskar is an outcast because he is bullied, and doesn't fit in with the kids at school. The relationship between Eli and Oskar grows very strong, and the viewers start to see how their love and loyalty evolves day by day. They help each other in ways that other people in their lives do not. For example, Oskar shows Eli love and affection, and treats her like a “normal” girl, which is something Eli clearly wants more than anything. This is partly due to the fact that Oskar does not know Eli is a vampire, which poses an obvious problem. Even after Oskar finds out Eli’s unmasked identity, the loyalty the two share stays true. In the last instance where Oskar is being bullied, Eli rushes to his side and kills the cruel boys who have been hurting him. This is a prime example of the loyalty the two share, and how far Eli is willing to go to show it. Another important relationship in the film, is the relationship between Eli and Hakan. Just as Eli displays her loyalty towards Oskar, Hakan too shows his affection in violent ways. As her caretaker and long time lover, Hakan regularly fetches blood so that Eli can be fed. And by fetching blood, I mean killing innocent civilians. The ultimate test of love comes when Hakan gives up the last blood he has keeping him alive while he is on his death bed so that Eli can feed. Once again, another display of loyalty proves to be messier than one might think. The film “Let the Right One in” is a true test of love and loyalty, and really does cause the viewers to wonder, what are our own limitations when it comes to protecting the ones we love?


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