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Vampedia Entry 1: Character from Let the Right One In

In Let the Right One In, the viewer is introduced to Eli a child that when asked, has “forgotten how to be cold.” There are subtle hints throughout that there is something off about her; she only appears during the dark hours, does not feel cold, her complexion changes from a ghastly pale face with dark undereye circles to one that is plumper and has color. These cues allow one to draw conclusions as to her being a vampire from what is known due to readings such as Dracula by Stoker, where Johnathan explains similar behavior while staying with the Count. Eventually there is a scene when there is a child under a bridge asking a stranger passing by. The man gets attacked, as growls are heard, and eventually walks into the light to reveal that it is Eli who has assaulted him. She has gone for his throat and drinks the blood that pours out, revealing that she is the vampire within the film. However, after she has drained the victim of his blood she cries looking down at the man she has killed, for her survival. This shows true human emotion, compassion, and guilt for what is essential to her existence. In older tales such as The Damnable Life and Death of Stubbe Petter, vampires kill not only to feed but for the joy and violence of it. Another point where we see emotion is within her relationship with Oskar, they tell each other of how they share feelings. She gives Oskar a note saying, “to stay is death, to flee life.” This portrays how vampires in general are often outcasts that constrain themselves from society and being a part of it due to their nature. The movie Let the Right One In, offers a different perspective on the well-known vampire and how they should be, a new take within the gothic genre, also seen in Twilight Eli is forever stuck at the young age of 12, that is still capable of having real feelings, despising the fact that she must live through the death of others.

In class references:

Let the Right One In: Thomas Alfredson

The Damnable Life and Death of Stubbe Petter: George Bores

Dracula: Bram Stoker

Outside Content:

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