In the movie, Let the Right One In, there are two main characters, one of them being a twelve-year-old boy named Oskar who lives with his single mother in an apartment in Stockholm, Sweden but occasionally still visits his alcoholic father who lives on the countryside.

Oskar does not seem like your typical twelve-year-old boy in middle school when you see him in the opening scene holding a knife standing in front of his bedroom window in his underwear but later we learn that is not the case. Oskar is actually quite normal but he secludes himself from the majority of people because he is continuously tormented by three of his fellow classmates. However, his attitude slightly changes when he meets his new neighbor, Eli, one evening in the courtyard of their apartment complex. After talking with Eli a few different times, Oskar feels as if he can trust her and starts opening up to her about how he is bullied at school…what Oskar does not know is that Eli has a secret of her own she is not willing to tell just yet.

Eventually, Eli’s secret gets out and Oskar is unsure how to feel about it and harasses her by saying she murders people and then steals from them. Fortunately for Eli, he warms up to the idea that she is a vampire because she explains that she does not want to kill anyone but she has to have fresh blood in order to survive. Oskar truly cares about her but one too many people knew her secret so she leaves Stockholm but not until she helps Oskar with his bullying problem. She does this by brutally murdering the three boys and one of their older brothers that were making Oskar so miserable.

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