Let the Right One in Edit

Let the Right One in is a story of two young people. First, there's Oskar, a weak and cowardly boy who is bullied and does not stand up for himself. Then there's Eli, who, after becoming great friends with Oskar, is revealed to actually be a vampire. Eli, because she is a vampire, needs to drink blood in order to survive. However, she makes the decision to not drink Oskar's blood.

Eli Edit

Eli is Oskar's neighbor, and from the beginning seems to be a suspicious individual, as they board up the windows with cardboard. Interestingly enough, they proceed to develop a friendship with each other. Eli is seen in Let the Right One in ruthlessly killing and disposing of strangers, but not Oskar. Instead, she befriends and in certain aspects protects and helps Oskar. In one scene [SPOILER ALERT], Oskar is nearly drowned by bullies. But Eli comes and saves the day by killing three of the four bullies. This reveals that, despite the need to protect herself, she still watched over and wanted to protect Oskar, the only person who has cared about her. Eli's kindness and friendship with Oskar likely stems from the generosity that Oskar shows Eli by allowing her to borrow his Rubik's Cube, eventually allowing her to keep it as a gift. It is apparent that Eli is not used to experiencing acts of kindness from others, as a simple gift is enough to convince her to not use Oskar for sustenance. This leads one to believe that, like most vampires, Eli lived a mostly solitary and unforgiving life. For example, she was castrated as a 12 year old male after turning into a vampire. Eli only known companion, besides Oskar, is her previous caretaker Hakan. However, Hakan dies due to either Eli's carelessness, or simply her disregard for Hakan's life. This further illustrates how special Oskar was to Eli, as even someone who took care of her, she did not care about.

Souces Edit

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