“Little Red Hat” is a folktale from Austria that is very similar to the “Little Red Riding Hood” story. In “Little Red Hat” the young girl’s grandmother asks her to bring soup to her house later that day. On her way, the young girl meets an ogre. She is not alarmed by his appearance or concerned that he is a stranger. The ogre tells the girl he’ll come to her grandmothers with her but they will take different routes. On her way she gets distracted and stops in a field of flowers, the ogre rushes to the grandmother’s house. At the house, the ogre kills the grandmother and places her body parts in the kitchen and on the front door. He then climbs into bed. Little Red Hat arrives at her grandmother’s house and thinks the ogre is her grandmother. The ogre tells her to eat the body parts of her grandmother. Little Red Hat gets into bed with the ogre, the ogre then eats her in one bight. The theme of anxiety and traumas of growing up is seen throughout the story. Little Red Hat’s naïve views on the world are the reason she and her grandmother were killed. For many people, the only way to learn a lesson is through experience. Little Red Hat believed everyone had good intentions and did not think the ogre was a threat. As children transition into adulthood, they make many mistakes and in some cases can have devastating consequences. If Little Red Hat had more “life” experience she would not have trusted the ogre. Many people do not realize that their actions effect not only them, but other people around them as well. The story “Little Red Riding Hood” relates these themes as well. The story is about a werewolf instead of an ogre but the story and meaning is the same.

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