In the story “Little Red Hat” by Christian Schneller, which is the Austria/ Italy version of Little Red Riding Hood, Little Red Hat is traveling to her grandmother’s house alone in the middle of the woods to deliver some soup to her. She comes across an ogre on her journey and tells him exactly she is going and what route she is taking to get to her destination. He tells her that he will go with her except he is going to take the other route to get there. The ogre rushes to the grandmother’s house while Little Red Hat takes her time and decides to pick flowers. The ogre gets there before her and kills the grandmother. After he kills her, he distributes some of her body parts around her house. Little Red Hat arrives just as the ogre is getting into bed. He tells her to come in and she starts noticing the body parts. The ogre tells her what they really are but she doesn’t hear him and dismisses it. The ogre tells her to take off her clothes and get into bed with him. She starts noticing strange features about the ogre and then he kills her.


There are several red flags that should be noted about Little Red Hat’s actions throughout the story. For example, the first mistake was telling this ogre exactly where she was going and which was she was going to take. She also doesn’t question the body parts around the house and eats them without question. Her first mistake was talking to this strange ogre and not realizing that ogres are known for their aggression. Little Red Hat is so naïve that she doesn’t see the evil in things and lives her life without fear, enough though there is plenty to fear in her world. The moral of this story would be to not talk to strangers and if she had done that, her and her grandmother would still be alive.  


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