Folk tales are meant to teach a lesson to those who are listening to them. The majority of the time it will create a brutal mythical creature which will be the antagonist in order to teach a lesson. Werewolves are a perfect example of how mythical creatures are utilized to teach a lesson and represent society because of their rage. Many stories of werewolves create the werewolf creature to be vicious and dangerous yet some can be kind and caring. In “Little Red Hat” and “Little Red Riding Hood”, reveal the responsibility of growing up and
220px-Little Red Riding Hood - Project Gutenberg etext 19993

how dangerous empty mindlessness can be.

In the stories “Little Red Hat” and “Little Red Riding Hood”, the moral of these stories is to teach children not to talk to strangers. The two little girls are taken advantage of because they are only adolescents. The ogre and wolf understand that the girls will trust them telling where their destination will be. In “Little Red Riding Hood” the narrator states that she did not know it was dangerous to talk to the wolf indicating that these girls are not mature enough to know what is right and wrong. Although the story is focused on the girls it also focuses on the wolf and ogre. These both characters are aware that they can manipulate the girls into doing what they want. It is obvious when the ogre tells the girl to eat her grandma’s body parts. These two characters know what they are doing is wrong but they are created this way too in order to be the vicious creatures to teach a lesson. 

The main purpose is to warn young women to not be naïve and to be wary of cunning charming men because these strangers prey on the innocent and the consequences could be fatal. The two young girls in both stories are eaten because they were young and were not aware of any consequences. The story is set to focus on the ogre and werewolf and how they are not mature. The idea is to show how dangerous instincts can be when someone is not mature enough to control their feelings. 

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