There are a variety of underlying themes seen in Christian Schneller's Little Red Hat, all of which represent the anxieties of young girls during the 1800's. The Ogre in the story is a clear representation of all the dangers and more specifically the dangers imposed on young girls by men. The girls clear lack of intuition and awareness, inevitably result in her death as she prioritizes responsibilities to her grandmother above all, including her life.

The story begins with the girl being asked by her grandmother to bring soup. This is where we are introduced to the girls responsibilities. On her return to her grandmothers house the girl is encountered by the ogre. The ogre suggests they take two different routes, with both ending at the grandmothers house. This is the first first representation of deceit and lack of danger awareness by the young girl.

Upon arriving at her grandmothers house, the ogre arrived much earlier, eating the grandmother, using her intestines as a latch and scattering body parts and blood throughout the house.

Even after the cues given to the girl by the ogre, she remains clueless. In many instances the ogre tells the girl the scattered body parts are that of her grandmother and goes as far as to get her to drink her grandmothers blood, claiming that it is simply wine.

Until this point the ogre has deceived the girl, this is done through her own doing as a result of lack of awareness. The responsibilities placed on the girl by her grandmother in order to fetch soup has clouded her judgement. The ogre simply tells the girl to keep quiet and do what she is told when she questions the ogre.

The final segment of the story is where the true danger and anxieties of young girls among societies in the 1800's is represented, as she is told by the ogre to remove her clothes and get into bed. Upon doing so she is seduced and eaten.

This shows the anxieties of young girls as they face sexual predators who wish to take advantage of them. Through her blindness to follow responsibility and respect of social hierarchy, the girl does not question the ogre she thought to be her grandmother and simply follows orders. The moral of the story is to educate and display the types of sexual deceit that take place among societies and young girls vulnerability to being exploited. It encourages them to remain vigilant and understand that manipulation is easy and can occur at any time.


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