In the short story Little Red Hat the Austrian/Italian version is different than that of the American short story Little Red Ridding Hood because the Austrian version has an ogre as the bad guy instead as a wolf. The ogre approaches the little girl in the story and asks her where she is going and replies that she is going to her grandmother’s house to deliver her soup. In the American version the bad guy is the wolf and not a ogre. The wolf, just like the ogre, asks the little girl where she is going and she says to her grandmother’s house just like she does in the Austrian version. Instead of bringing soup to her grandmother’s house she brings her cake and a pot of butter. The similarities between both short stories are that the ogre and wolf both kill the grandma and kill the little girl. Another similarity is that the ogre and the Wolf ask the little girl to get naked before laying in bed with them. The last similarity of the two is the ending part in which the little girl thinks she is laying in bed with her grandmother and she asks several questions about her grandmothers legs, hands, ears, and mouth and eventually gets eaten up by the wolf and swallowed in one gulp by the ogre. The difference between the two stories is that in the Austrian/Italian version the Ogre kills the grandma in a very gruesome way where, "he tied her intestine onto the door in place of the latch string and placed her blood, teeth, and jaws in the kitchen cupboard". However, in the American version the way the wolf killed the grandmother was by eating her up. 

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