Little Red Hood This is a story about a darling little damsel whom everybody loved. She was especially loved by her Granny. The Granny loved the damsel so much she made a hood of red samite. Samite is a heavy silk fabric which is sometimes interwoven with gold; it is also known as velvet. The red hood was elegant and the damsel wore it everywhere she went. She was known as Little Red Hood. One day her mother gave Little Red Hood a slice of cake and a bottle of wine to take to old Granny because she was ill and weak. It was Mother’s thought these would make Granny feel better. Specific instructions were given to Little Red Hood to be pretty behaved and for her to mind her manners. Along the way to Granny’s house, Little Red Hood runs into the villain of our story, the Wolf. The Wolf asks Little Red Hood what she is carrying and she tells him it is cake and wine for Granny. The Wolf then asks where Granny lives and Little Red Hood tells the Wolf. The Wolf make his way to Granny’s house while Little Red Hood enjoys the forest at the suggestion of the Wolf. Little Red Hood picks so many flowers for Granny she can hardly carry them When the Wolf got to Granny’s, he made his way into her house and pounced on her and ate her up. He then waited for Little Red Hood to arrive. When Little Red Hood arrived, the Wolf pretended to be Granny. When Little Red Hood realized the Wolf was pretending to be Granny, he jumped out of the bed and at Little Red Hood up. Then the Wolf went to sleep and snored very loudly. A huntsman was going by and heard the snoring and thought that was very loud snoring for the Granny. He went inside and found the Wolf. Instead of just shooting him, he cut the wolf open and out came granny and Little Red Hood. They all lived happily ever after. There are many versions of this story and no one really knows the origin of this story. Charles Perrault was thought to have authored this story; which was more than 300 years ago. According to a study completed by anthropologist, Rachel Hartigan Shea. Shea discovered that even though Perrault penned the story, he did not invent it. Shea discovered an 11th century poem is indeed an early ancestor of the modern fairy tale. little-red-riding-hood.jpg

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