"Little Red Riding Hood" by Charles Perrault follows a pretty young girl by the nickname of Little Red Hiding Riding Hood (referred to in this article as LRRH). The story begins with LRRH taking a cake and pot of butter to her grandmother who lives in a village on the other side of the woods from LRRH. On the way there, she encounters a charming, but ill-intentioned, wolf who offers to accompany her to her grandmother's house. LRRH, not realizing the danger she's in, accepts his help and they both go off in different directions to, according to the wolf "see who will get there first".. The wolf gets to the grandmother's house first and devours the grandmother, then gets into her bed and impersonates her when LRRH eventually shows up. The wolf, pretending to be the grandmother, tells LRRH to get into bed with him and she does so. After getting into the bed with the wolf, LRRH notices many strange things about the "grandmother", each time exclaiming "Grandmother, what big [body part] you have!" and she gets to "Grandmother, what big teeth you have!" and which point the wolf replies "All the better to eat you up with!" and eats her.

"Little Red Riding Hood" is a cautionary tale about young women talking with strangers, especially charming male ones. Perrault states this explicitly at the end of his story in order to make sure the message is very clear. Though it is not outright stated, the real danger posed by these men is likely sexual assault, indicated by LRRH getting into bed naked with the wolf at the end of the story before being "eaten". Men around this time period were often seen as being the sexual creatures and women had to be protected from that, though it would not have been proper to explicitly mention sex in the story either

One of the earlier iterations of this story was "Little Red Hat" which contained many of the same elements but features an ogre instead of a wolf and the girl was tricked into touching and even eating various parts of her grandmother's body (teeth, jaw, intestine, etc.) before being eaten herself. In both versions, the girl strips naked at the end and gets into bed with the creature before being eaten, providing the same metaphor for sexual assault.

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