The story of the Little Red Riding Hood by Charles Perrault revolves around a pretty and young country girl from a small village. She was called this because the little red riding hood that was made for her by her grandmother fit her very well. One day, the grandmother became ill and the Little Red Riding hood was sent to her home by her mother to check up on her and take her a cake and a small pot of butter. During her journey to her grandmother’s village, she comes across a wolf who acted friendly but had the bad intention of eating her. Being the naive young girl that she is, Little Red Riding Hood tells the wolf that she is on her way to see her ill grandmother, and she also tells the wolf where she lives. The wolf arrives at the grandmother’s home first while she is still on her journey. It then proceeds to eat up the grandmother and lay in her bed to wait for the young girl’s arrival. When the girl arrives at the grandmother’s home, she goes inside and proceeds to get in bed with the wolf who was pretending to be her grandmother and asked to lay in bed with him. Being completely vulnerable to the wolf, the young girl faces the same fate as her grandmother and is eaten whole by the wolf.

Moral and Theme of the story:

The theme of this short story revolves around the anxieties and struggles of young girls who are growing up. Young women are more prone to being approached by strangers in public, and they face the dangers of being abducted, or even sexually assaulted. The theme of sexuality within young girls can also be seen in the way the wolf tells her to remove her clothing before getting into bed with him. They are naive and most of the time are not aware of the dangers that come with talking to strangers. The short story Little Red Hat also explores this theme with the way in which it shows the young girl who is approached by the ogre on her way to her grandmother's house. The moral of the story is that young children, especially young girls who are attractive should avoid making contact with strangers. 

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