This story Little Red Riding Hood by Charles Perrault was roughly published around 1697. It tells the story about a young beautiful girl encounter with a wolf at her grandmothers house. Her fate is sealed by her innocence and a moral is taught to us by Charles Perrault
Little Red Riding Hood- From Perrault

[1] A picture demonstrating a part in Little Red Riding Hood

Synopsis: Edit

There once lived a little country girl in a particular village and anybody who saw her agreed she was a beautiful creature. Her mother and grandmother were fond of her and gave her the most lavish items . One item in particular the grandmother gave her was a Little Red Riding Hood. This is how she became known as Little Red Riding Hood. One day her mother decides to send her to her grandmothers house because she had received word she was ill. Little Red Riding Hoods Mother gave her cakes and a pot of butter to bring to her. Little Red Riding Hood immediately sets out to her grandmother house who is in another village. As Little Red Riding Hood Travels to the woods a wolf seems to notice her and stops to admire how taste she would be. Yet the wolf knows he is unable to eat her since there are woodworkers nearby. The wolf starts to ask Little Red Riding Hood about where she is going. The wolf states that he will also visit her grandmother and will take another way making it a race to see who gets there first. The wolf takes the shortest path while Little Red Riding Hood takes a roundabout way collecting nuts, flowers and any pretty items. The wolf arrives a grandmothers house and knocks two times on the door sayings its me your grandchild Little Red Riding Hood in a perfect imitation. The grandmother replied in an ill voice to come in and gives instructions to pull the bobbin therefore raising the latch. The wolf comes in and goes straight towards the grandmother to gobble her up. Since the last meal he has was three days ago. The wolf immediately shuts the door and climbs into grandmothers bed to await Little Red Riding Hood . Shortly after Little Red Riding Hood comes along and knocks on the door two times. The wolf replies who is there. Little Red Riding Hood at first believes its the wolf and is scared but then remembers her grandmother is sick so it could be her voice is hoarse. Little Red Riding Hood says its her and has brought her cakes along with a pot of butter. The Wolf having tricked Little Red Riding Hood already tells her to come in by pulling the bobbin which raises the latch. The wolf in disguise of the grandmother tells Little Red Riding Hood to leave the food on the stool and to get into bed with "her". Little Red Riding Hood complies she takes off her clothes and joins grandmother in bed. Once in bed she starts to notice some of "Grandmother" unusual features. Little Red Riding Hood asks her grandmother what big arms she has. To which the " Grandmother" replies to hug you with . Little Red Riding Hood replies several times to grandmother what big legs you have, what big ears you have, and what big eyes you have. To which each time " Grandmother" says the better to run with you, the better to hear you, and the better to see you. The final question Little Red Riding Hood asks is grandmother what big teeth you have to which " Grandmother" replies the better to eat you. After saying that last sentence as " Grandmother" the wolf eats her up The moral of the story is Children especially attractive young ladies should never talk to strangers. If they do they provide dinner to the "wolf". There are various kinds of wolves out there but the most dangerous "wolves" are the gentle ones.

Character Analysis: Edit

On Little Red Riding Hood == The character Little Red Riding Hood is portrayed differently in this story compared to [1]The Werewolf's Daughter . In both stories the protagonist is a young beautiful women that is admired by their family for being beautiful. As far as similarities the feature of a female protagonist is all that correlates to both stories. Little Red Riding Hood is demonstrated as being young, naive and is unaware of surroundings . In the story Little Red Riding Hood enjoys the gift she got from her grandmother a little red hood because of the fondness the grandmother had for her grandchild looks. As we see the interaction of Little Red Riding Hood with the Wolf it can be inferred that she is naive. She tells the wolf were she is going and what she is bringing to her grandmother. Giving the wolf the perfect opportunity to stalk his prey and eat her up at grandmothers house. When Little Red Riding Hood is entering her grandmother home she does not question why her " Grandmother" features were similar to a wolf. She didn't stop to look inside grandmother home which makes her unaware of her surroundings and unintelligent. Compare Little Red Riding Hood to the protagonist in The Werewolf's Daughter who demonstrates a different side to women. The youngest daughter in the novel The Werewolf's Daughter shows women as cunning and devious in order to survive. The youngest daughter does not trust the King until he swears to agree to her terms even though this shows a bit of naive its not to bad. The youngest daughter is family oriented and trusts her instincts more than Little Red Riding Hood did.


[2]Little Red Riding Hood Being an Innocent Child to the outside dangers of the world.

Evolution of Werewolves: Edit

From Previous Literature to Little Red Riding Hood == The Slovakian tale The Werewolf's Daughter depicts a man who transforms into a wolf having uncontrollable blood lust to kill. The man who is a father has nine daughters he wants to kill in order for him to get rid of so he does not have to support them. The wolf transforms by the moon and is a vicious creature that will stop at nothing to kill its prey. This Slovakian tale was brought to us in 2000 by D.L. Ashliman Going back in time George Borges novel [2]The Damnable Life and Death of Stubbe Peeter created in 1590 talks about a evil man who makes a deal with the devil to turn into a vicious werewolf who kills people. In this novel the werewolf is a demonic entity and would kill in victims in the most painful death possible. The wolf would torture its victims for example rip its victims apart limb from limb. Stubbe Peeter also targeted women and children the most it seems in his kills based on body counts. The novel also mentions Stubbe Peeter had a unnatural lust for incest that he acted upon on his daughter and sister. These events are real life historical facts recorded in London during a dark period. Now looking at Little Red Riding Hood by Charles Perrault the roughly publication date to this story is dated to 1697. This depicts that the novel from George Borges on The Damnable Life and Death of Stubbe Peeter came before Little Red Riding Hood could have given Charles Perrault ideas on his wolf. In Little Red Riding Hood the wolf is able to communicate with the girl, preys on an innocent girl and is more intelligent in terms of disguise. The wolf is able to lure the young girl into revealing information which gets him into grandmothers house to eat her and then eats Little Red Riding Hood. The characteristics that previous literature share with the story Little Red Riding Hood is the wolfs hunger, capability, and cunning skills to trick the people of their town. The wolf in Little Red Riding Hood is not controlled by the moon at all like most werewolves are in literature.

== Myth of Werewolves/ Wolves == Edit

The myths of werewolves/wolfs can be linked through the term Lyncanthropy which is a man turning into a wolf. However, in Little Red Riding Hood we get no confirmation that the wolf was human before even though it has the intelligence of a human and communication skills one can assume it was a man before. The term Anthropomorphism would be more accurate towards describe the wolf in this story though it does have qualities of Lyncanthropy. In the novels The Damnable Life and Death of Stubbe Peeter. The Werewolf's Daughter, and Little Red Riding Hood the wolf/werewolves share one thing in common their uncontrollable desire to eat and kill to survive. Another concept they have in common is they pray on innocent young beautiful girls which real historical text supports by the novel The Damnable Life and Death of Stubbe Peeter. A concept of Lyncathropy which correlates to the Anthropomorphism of the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood is the nature of being deceitful and powerful with claws, fangs, long legs etc.


[3]What we depict the werewolf in the novle The Werewolf's Daughter should look like based on descriptions .

Little Red Riding Hood- From Perrault-1

[4] Little Red Riding Hood Wolf Compared to The Werewolf's Daughter Wolf

==== == Little Red Riding Hood Impact on TV Shows and Movies == Edit

Little Red Riding Hood- Is a 1997 film that has elements of a dark comedy discussing the story of Little Red Riding Hood. In this movie an anthropomorphize black wolf ask Little Red Riding Hood where she is going. He successfully eats grandmother then tries to eat Little Red Riding Hood. However, she is clever to survive on her own without the help of the huntsman which a couple of tales depict. Though a strange turn happens in the movie she does not save her grandmother instead she eats her grandmothers flesh after being warned by a cat of the consequences.

Hoodwinked!- Is a 2006 children movie for kids telling the story of Little Red Riding Hood except it uses more modernized techniques in characters and social aspects. The story discuss how the police come to grandmothers house to find grandma tied up in a closet, Little Red Riding Hood there to stop the wolf, An ax-wielding woodsman, and the wolf are present. Each suspect is question to tell them the story of what happened and what part they had to play. In the end of the movie the wolf, Little Red Riding Hood, and Grandmother join the agency . The woodsman manages to join a yodeling troupe and become successful.

Red: Werewolf Hunter- This 2010 horror film takes a twist on the Little Red Riding Hood story. The character Virginia is a descendant from Little Red Riding Hood and is engaged to Nathan. They both decide to go back to Virginia home and spend time with her family. We in the movie from the family that " Red" is a special nickname given to every generation of women born into the family. Virginia enemy is named Gabriel who has bit Nathan turning him into a werewolf. The secret Virginia tells us is that they hunt werewolves different from what the Little Red Riding Hood story tells us. Virginia grandmother is killed by Gabriel in his wolf form. A twist in the movie is that Virginia gets attacked by her fiancee Nathan converting her to a werewolf. Virginia manages to kill Gabriel to avenge her grandmother but then kills Nathan in order to reverse the curse of her being a werewolf. Her last words to Nathan is that she will always love him before killing him. In the end of the story Virginia is reading the story of Little Red Riding Hood to her daughter as you hear a wolf howling in the background.

Red Riding Hood- A 2011 film featuring Amanda Seyfried playing a girl named Valerie. In the movie Valerie is in love with the woodcutter Peter but she is engaged to be married to Henry the son of the wealthy blacksmith. When the death of Lucie hits town who is Valerie sister everybody in town starts to panick since the wolf has killed in their village even though there was a truce with the wolf. However, later on in the movie we learned Lucie was Henry's half sister from an affair. Valerie is betrayed by one of her friends as she tells the town people she can communicate with the wolf. They tie Valeria up to a post in the middle of town but Henry and Peter rescue her just as the wolf shows up. After the events of the wolf attack in the town Valerie has goes to visit her grandmother on her way she encounters Peter. Believing Peter is the wolf she stabs him and runs to her grandmothers house only to discover her death. It is reveled that her father is the wolf and was given the curse by his father. When her father found out that Lucie was not his daughter he killed her in a fit of rage and her real father. Virginia father wants her to come with him and accept the gift. However, Peter gets bits by Virginia Father and is turned into a wolf. In the end Valerie and Peter managed to kill her father. Henry joins the army and the rest of the village continues to live in fear of the wolf. Valerie decides to move into her grandmothers house since she can no longer live in the village since she married Peter the wolf. In some endings it is revealed Peter and Virginia had a child while in others there is a full moon and she sees Peter in wolf form.


[5]Red Riding Hood Protagonist

TV Show Once Upon a Time- Little Red Riding Hood is portrayed as being a wolf and not human. Her fairy tale is different than the original story of Little Red Riding Hood. In Once Upon a Time Little Red Riding Hood is a werewolf that is having trouble controlling her wolf side which is why she needs her red hood to help her. In the show Little Red Riding Hood is given a romance interest and is depicted as an older beautiful young women around the age of 18.

Impact Little Red Riding Hood on Tales Edit

Charles Perrault version has featured a variety of spin offs on the Little Red Riding Hood Tale.

In 1867 a story [3]called Little Red Hat by Christian Schneller was born from an Italy/ Austria heritage. The interesting thing about the novel is that it had similar qualities of the Little Red Riding Hood Story. Little Red Hat featured an ogre as the villain and the death of the grandmother is in a vicious manner. Little Red Hat is a young girl that goes to grandmothers house only to be swallowed to death by the ogre and before her death she eats a bit of her grandmothers human parts cause she was hungry.

Little Red Cap- Is a story by the Grimm Brothers that has elements of Little Red Riding Hood except that a huntsman saves Little Red Riding Hood and the Grandmother by cutting into the stomach of the wolf. The result of this novel is that the wolf ends up dying not Grandmother and Little Red Riding Hood.

Theme Edit

The story of the Little Red Riding Hood From Perrault held a theme for children and beautiful young woman that they must not trust everyone they met.[4] For they do not know the intention of that person, by trusting them it could led to the stranger to hurt them in the end.[5] The story depicts this theme by first telling the readers about the beauty of the little red riding hood, who represents the children and beautiful young woman. The story continues with the Little Red Riding Hood going along to see her grandmother who is ill, but along they way she befriends a wolf. The wolf being a representing of those in the world willing to hurt young children. The wolf is kind to her at first and asks the little girl a series of question. By her naiveness she answers them truthfully which leads the wolf to know where she is going, giving the wolf adequate time to get there before the little red riding and kill her by surprise. By telling these stories children in France at the time would be more aware of the people the met and the intention they held.

[6]== References == Edit

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Found on D2L Lesson 6

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