Background Edit

Little Red Riding Hood is one of the most famous European folktale that exists today. Even though it is impossible to tell when the story of Little Red Riding Hood actually began, many experts assume that the original story was told by French peasants in 10th century, and as this story gets told over the centuries, extra information got added and some features got changed, which eventually converted into the story of Little Red Riding Hood that we know today. The most famous version of Little Red Riding Hood that a lot of people probably know is story written by Charles Perrault in 17th century, the first published version of Little Red Riding Hood, and Grimm Brothers in 19th century.  

Summary Edit

There lived a girl who was called Little Red Riding Hood, and she was said to be the “prettiest creature who was ever seen”. One day, Little Red Riding Hood’s mother asked her to bring a cake and butter to her sick grandmother. Little Red Riding Hood immediately left to another village where her grandmother lives. On the way, she met a wolf who wanted to eat her but couldn’t because woodcutter was nearby. The wolf kindly asked Little Red Riding Hood where she is going, and she told wolf that she’s going to see her grandmother. Wolf asked where her grandmother’s house is, and Little Red Riding Hood told him that it’s “beyond that mill”, “at the first house in the village.” Wolf, offering her that he would go see her grandmother too, took a short cut to the grandmother’s house, tricked grandmother that he is her granddaughter, and ate her up. Then he got into grandmother’s bed, expecting Little Red Riding Hood to show up. Little Red Riding Hood, who took the longer path so she can look at flowers and chase butterflies, finally got to her grandmother’s house. Wolf quickly hid under the grandmother’s bedclothes and asked Little Red Riding Hood to get into bed with him. Little Red Riding Hood got into bed with wolf thinking that wolf is her grandmother, and asked him about why is his arms, legs, ears, and eyes are so big. Wolf answered these questions but when Little Red Riding Hood asked him why is his teeth are so big, wolf told her that it is because he is going to eat her up, fell upon Little Red Riding Hood, and ate her.

Moral/symbols Edit

In the story Little Red Riding Hood, Little Red Riding Hood symbolizes an innocent girl and wolf symbolizes men who are seeking for young women who can fulfill their desire whether it is sexual desire, emotional desire ... The fact that wolf targeted Little Red Riding Hood as his “food” represents how young and attractive women are easy and desire targets to “wolves”. Just like how wolf did in the story, they will wait for the chance and try their best to trick young women. And when they get tricked, these men will “eat” her up, just like how wolf ate Little Red Riding Hood. The story is warning young women to be careful when strangers approach to them because they might be the “wolves” in the society who are just approaching to “eat” them up.

References Edit

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