In the folklore, "Little Red Riding Hood,[1]" it is a worldwide known tale about a little girl who is precious and well-loved that is sought out by a wolf--Who kills her grandmother and eats her up, by convincing her that he is in fact her grandmother. She ends up being eaten and the moral is said that attractive children need to take care of themselves, because wolves can be gentlemen as well. That gentlemen can be evil, do not be deceived by kind actions as well. This brings upon the idea that parents should teach their children to be cautious, to not be so naive and trust everyone so easily. Wolves are not a species part of nature alone, they rest within human beings as well and they can show up when least expected. There is also the idea that especially people who are attractive and beautiful, are more likely to be attacked. This can bring up the notion that someone who is handsome, faces so many harsh realities because they must be so careful of how they live. In the other folklore that was given upon us, "Werewolf's daughter[2]," his daughter who was the youngest and most beautiful one was also clever and escaped her father. She thought ahead to stay alive, though her husband (the king) did not trust her enough and cost her life and her children's lives. Which is an example of how one should be quick-witted to want to live on. All in all, it correlates with the anxieties of being an adolescent that not everything is as it seems. There is always an underlying meaning, one cannot be blinded so easily by kindness. Since there are so many dangers in this world, in different shapes and forms, these anxieties can grow to form shields.


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