We learn moral lessons everyday from the complex life that we live. Meeting new people and learning new things that can benefit us morally. What we as a society fail to realize sometimes is that the little nursery stories that we used to listen to usually have a big meaning to them. For example Little Red Riding Hood has a very deep moral lesson to the teenage community. Little Red Riding Hood is viewed as a innocent young and gullible girl whose is soon to be deceived. The Wolf in the story portrays the dark morally motivated teenage men who have nothing but bad intentions. Within the story Little Red Riding Hood comes face to face with the wolf and gives up her final destination. Knowing this the wolf takes advantage of the information that he has possessed and goes to the grandmothers house too devour her. When Little Red reaches the house she starts the iconic questions with the wolf. Believing everything the wolf says, she ends up being devoured by the wolf. The two lessons of the story were very simple, 1. don't talk to strangers and 2. someone may appear to be one way on the outside but on the inside can be a completely different individual.

Little Red Hat (Austria, Italy - from Christian Schneller)

"Little Red Riding Hood" (France, from Perrault's fairy tales)

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