The Theme of Loneliness: The Deadly State Edit

Movies about vampires are often scary to some due to the gory, alternate reality that is created. The film, Let the Right One in directed by Tomas Alfredson, however, uses a harsh truth to create fear. In the film, the main theme that encompasses the whole story and its development is loneliness. Oskar is a kid who is relentlessly bullied in school and feels alone. Eli comes along, then, and makes him feel better because they can be alone, together. Oskar relates to Eli and he can feel welcomed because Eli is an “outsider” just as she is. Eli is a vampire and therefore she is also a type of outsider simply because she cannot feel like a normal kid of her age. In the beginning, when Oskar meets her she tells him they cannot be friends but their similar scenarios bring them together, thus, making Oskar the “right one” for Eli and vice versa. 

In the film, Eli is a vampire who can fly, resist the cold, is affected by the sun, and must drink blood. She is a pretty common type of vampire, nothing about her is terrifying or frightening. She does kill but as she explains, she has the do it to survive, not because she wants to. The real horror in this film is the realistic loneliness that the viewer feels while watching. The film uses the scenery as an excellent tool; it is very cold and often dark. This dull environment sets a tone of solitude and despair. The disturbing scene in which Oskar is pretending to stab someone and is repeatedly screaming, “Squeal, squeal, squeal", is only truly disturbing because the audience understands why he is this way. This causes one to feel empathy towards Oskar, regardless of the fact that it is known, from the beginning, that he would like to kill people. The truly horrifying thing about this movie is the extent to which being an outsider can truly affect someone. 

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