[ ]In the story Luella Miller written by Mary E. Wilkins- Freeman, the main character is a girl who lives in a big house all by herself. Her name is Luella Miller and in the story, as soon as she moves into this neighborhood, people start to dying that visit her house. However, they aren’t just visiting, they are coming to her house every day and helping Luella because she claims she cannot do these house chores such as cooking, cleaning, or even making herself coffee. First these ‘servants’ become sick and feeble until they die and then a new person gets drawn in.
Luella Miller

From an outsider’s prospective, it can be seen as these people are working themselves to death for Luella. According to BadReputation, Luella is more of an old-time feminist. In that era, the women were expected to do all the chores around the house. When Luella is married to Erastus, he is the one doing all the work in the marriage, even the house work. She takes on an infant like persona and acts like she is unable to do anything except sit in her chair. This child like behavior is also seen when she goes into a hysterical fit in front of Aunt Abby and Lydia. Lydia says she can see Luella watching them occasionally to see if Aunt Abby and her are giving her attention.

Luella is also not your average vampire. She is not seen in sucking her victims blood, although it could be going on behind closed doors. As one journal states, she's a parasite by taking their energy The whole town suspects that Luella is the cause of their death but Lydia is the only one who calls her out on it. She seems to not want to hurt them because they are the ones taking care of her but she also needs to live. Luella Miller is a helpless woman who feeds off of her helper’s energy to keep herself alive.


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