Luella Miller is a short story by Mary E. Wilkins-Freeman written in 1903. Luella Miller is about a mysterious woman with supernatural powers. The townspeople become weary of Luella as people close to her begin to die suddenly. Luella is new to town and meets a man named Erastus Miller. The two soon wed and his condition begins to deteriorate. The townspeople notice Erastus become weak and frail shortly after the wedding. Luella always had someone else do things for her. Erastus waited on her hand and foot till he eventually died. Luella took his energy and drained him till he could no longer live. The story Vampyre states that a vampire is a supernatural being that lives off of human blood. Unlike the stereotypical blood draining vampire, Luella drained people’s energy. Similar to Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fanu, Luella uses her sexuality and mysteriousness to draw people in. Authors usually emphasize the female vampires’ sexuality over the male vampires. She used her sexuality to attract her husband. Once he died, she used her mysteriousness to draw in her sister in-law and her neighbors. Luella has an allure about her that makes people want to look after her even after people keep dying. She is not just that she doesn’t want to, she cannot take care of herself on her own. She needs people to take care of her at all times. She seems almost unaware the effect she has on people, but needs this to happen to stay alive. Most of the story is told by the last person alive to know Luella, Lydia Anderson. After witnessing many people die shortly after entering Luella’s house, she knew to stay away. She did not know exactly what was going on in there, but she knew it wasn’t safe to go in. On the day Lydia died, many years after Luella, she ran from her bed and lay down in front of Luella’s door. The next day Luella’s house mysteriously burned down. Many believed that the burning of her house rid her spirit once and for all.

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