The movie “Blade”

is different than any of the other course material, it shows vampires from a different perspective. This course has emphasized the beauty and unknown side of vampires, but in “Blade” they are considered evil and the enemy.  “Blade”, is an action-packed vampire movie, whose main character is an skilled vampire hunter, one who is very good at this job, this vampire hunter is known as Blade. Blade is known throughout the movie as “the daywalker”, something that separates Blade from the rest of the vampires; this is because Blade is half human and half vampire. At first glance, Blade can be seen as a maniac killer, one who is very good at his job. However, after watching the movie, it is clear that Blade is the good guy in the film. Blade began hunting vampires because they are responsible for the death of his mother, he fights to avenge his mother. It is obvious that Blade is a character who hides his true feeling under his hard ego and pride, but the movie does depict him as someone who is capable of love. The scene where Blade’s mentor, Whistler, is badly injured and Blade’s emotional side comes out. In this scene Blade shows the half of him that is still human, a side that can sometimes overpower his vampire side.

Blade, originally a Marvel Comic book character was created by Marv Wolfman. The original Blade, from the comic books, is different than the Blade portrayed in the movie. Examples of these difference can be seen in numerous account of the movie. In the movie Blade has the ability to walk in the daytime without being burned, but in the comics, he is a treated as a vampire and therefore cannot walk in the daylight. Another add on that occurs in the film is the main character Frost. I feel that there were these changes to the movie because it enables Blade to standout and be different. Being a vampire hunter, Blade obviously is helping to protect humans, but he can also be viewed as the balance between good and evil. Blade was given the ability to walk in the daylight throughout the film, something he could not do in the comic book, because it allows him to be “light”, something that separates him from other vampires. Throughout the movie Blade shows why he is this “light” because he goes through many obstacles and vampires to save the lives of innocent and to the save world. At the end of the day, Blade is a mysterious man who works in mysterious ways; but he is a character who fights for the weak and fights for what he believes.

Plot Edit

in the 1998 film "Blade" a young woman first appears in the film and happens to be pregnant. it is clear by the markings on her neck and her critical situation that she is immense danger. before the beginning scene cuts off the baby was delivered and the young woman flat lines due to infection from the bite.

the character blade is the child that was delivered in the beginning of the movie. he is what the other vampires call "the day walker" he became the vampire hunter. he raids a vampire night club and kills a dozen vampires, one in particular named Quinn, he torched and was taken to the hospital by the police where he attacks Dr. Karen Jenson. being bitten by a vampire she was at risk of turning so Blade takes her to a safe house where his close friend Whistler helps her after telling blade that he should have killed her.

Karen wakes to find herself in a places that isn't familiar and stats to explore finding all of these strange weapons. whistler reassures her letting her know that she isn't a prisoner but they are just taking precautions because of her being bitten. he then gives her a brief history of vampires and the things that can kill them. as Karen returns home she is attacked by a policeman who works for the vampires, not being one himself. Blade uses him to get information.

a meeting between the vampire elders takes place concerning frost, the leader of the group of vampires that were not born but made. the meeting was a way to criticize frost on the war he incited against the humans. this concerned the elders because the type of attention it would bring towards the vampires, especially the attention of blade. in a rebellion to this criticism frost takes the live of one of the elders and knocks the others down in rank.

Blade injects himself with a serum that prevents him from experiencing the side effects of being a vampire but because of the amount of times he has used it he starts to become immune to the serum and starts to experience the lust for blood.he was becoming so immune to it and even arrived to the dealer a week early because he was already out. EDTA a possible replacement serum was being considered. Karen starts to work on a synthesized version of EDTA and discovers that it has a deadly affect which is explosion when it comes into contact with vampire blood making it impossible for Blade to use.

in a later event the safe house is attacked by Frost' vampires and whistler is infected. Blade helps him end his life and in grief blade takes up arms with the EDTA and goes after Karen who had been abducted and Frost in order to get revenge and finish things.when blade is about to save Karen he is restrained and taken captive by frost for a summoning ritual for the vampire blood god. blade is drained of all his blood and frost obtains the power of the blood god. while frost is distracted Karen allows blade to drink her blood in order to stop Frost. Blade injects him with all of the EDTA and Frost explodes.




Characters Edit


Blade's vampiric powers are a result of a tragic incident during his birth. In 1967, Blade's mother was in labor when she was attacked by a vampire. In spite of the doctors being able to save the child (Blade), his mother died from an infection, which resulted due to the vampire bite. Thirty-one years pass and Blade is shown to have honed his skills as a half-blood, using them to hunt vampires who prey on innocent humans. Blade is also known a daywalker, meaning he is impervious to silver bullets, garlic, and direct sunlight, making him an exception in the vampire world because he is not affected by common ailments of vampires. In the film, Blade's direct opposition is Deacon Frost, a leader of a small vampire cult. Blade utilizes his wit and super human capabilities to strike down his foes in order to save humanity. Throughout the film, Blade must deal with a growing theme of good vs. evil and internal conflict. Blade must choose to retain his vampiric powers or take an antidote curing him of the curse. In the end, he decides to retain his powers so that he may continue to fight evil vampires from harming humans.

Dr. Karen Jenson

Dr. Jensen is the heroine in the Blade film as she directly assists the vampire hunter in maintaining the integrity of the human world. Dr. Karen Jenson was a hematologist who was bit by a vampire she was treating in a hospital. After Karen escapes the vampire, Blade and Abraham Whistler inform her that it would be wise to leave town. However, the mark sustained by the vampire attracts a familiar to her apartment, which Blade quickly subdues and uses to extract information. Throughout the film Dr. Karen Jenson attempts to construct a cure for vampirism, specifically so she can heal herself and Blade. Unfortunately, her attempts are initially met with failure and direct intervention from Deacon Frost's minions. At the end of the film Karen is able to offer Blade a way out of his vampiric state but he refuses in order to continue saving humanity with his superhuman abilities.

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