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One of the characters or themes from Bram Stoker's Dracula. 

The character I have chosen to analyze is Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula. At first clance Dracula can be viewed as a killer bloodthirsty monster lurking in the shadows.  After breaking down the character, we can begin to understand Stoker’s reasoning for creating this version of Count Dracula.

Count Dracula is a mysterious character, there is little known about him. What we know, is that Dracula would spend most of his days in his castle with the company of his vampire brides. What this says about his character, is that he is a secluded person, one who remains distant from the outside world; he is an outsider. Seeing that this character lives up in a castle with his brides killing people, Stoker doesn’t do much of a good job to set Dracula as anything but a villain. There is no true way of knowing what caused Dracula to be described as he is today; we can only go along the general assumptions that he loved once in his lifetime and lost this precious love.

Dracula, is known to the world as a figure of darkness, he symbolizes sexual desires and expresses a sense of guilt and compassion. He is a representation of the toll living an eternity, never being able to truly rest in peace. Seeing how Dracula has all these vampire wives, one must ask the question is he even attracted to them or capable of loving at this point? Is Dracula just a living corpse, one who prays for the day when his suffering will end and he will be released into death? This is where the untold past of Dracula is up for grabs, as Stoker leaves no hint to who this figure of darkness was before he was turned into this lifeless being. In his past, he could have had a wife and lost her and thereby forced to spend eternity trying to replace her. This idea was thought of as he refers multiple times to the past of these vampire mistresses as when they ask him if he is capable of loving, his response is that of looking to the past. Some may say that this lack of love in Dracula’s life justifies his actions of darkness as no man can bare to live in a world without their true love. Again, these are all assumptions that can be made with the few hints given throughout the story; because of this one can never truly know as Stoker gives us only so much of Dracula’s past.

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