Marie Simmons

Marie Simmons was a villainous vampiress from "The Baron's Bride," a first season episode of Friday the 13th: The Series. She was the landlady of a home with a vacant room that she was renting out to Frank Edwards, who answered her ad. Marie began turning heel when she gave a diabolical gleam over Frank holding a cape that once belonged to her late husband. Unbeknownst to Frank, the cape was one of the many cursed objects sold by Lewis Vendredi, and Micki, Ryan, and Jack were heading to the house to retrieve the cape. Meanwhile, Marie approached Frank and told him every single detail about the cape, while strangely moving closer to him. Marie turned heel and revealed herself as an evil vampiress by flashing her sharp, jagged fangs at Frank. After her revelation, the evil Marie inserted her fangs into Frank's neck, which drove the protagonists into the house. They later encounter Marie, who snarls at the trio and attacks Micki and Ryan, right before she is killed by Jack with a wooden stake--with a "For Rent" sign attached.