Post 2 (April 19th) Mina Murray

The character Mina Murray in Bram Stoker's Dracula is more much than Van Helsing's finance. She represents the perfect Victorian woman of that time period. “Girls are caterpillars when they live in the world, to be finally butterflies when the summer comes; but in the meantime there are grubs and larvae, don't you see - each with their peculiar propensities, necessities and structures.” (Carmilla 50) She then gets corrupted by Dracula and her character allows the reader to think deeper especially in the Victorian era about her new sexuality and the presence she brings. The way characters in the novel envy and cherish her shows how valued she is in that community. She is not as known for her physical beauty like her best friend Lucy. But she does have a certain beauty that shines from within due to her being created as one of God’s women. Throughout the novel she does marry her fiance Van, but she never gives any insight to her sexual feelings or desires. This shows that even after corruption she is still pure in her heart. There is suspense given after Mina is changed to see if she will fall under the ‘curse’ like her friend Lucy and become impure. A typical reader might think Mina would suffer the same fate as her friend Lucy and be lost as a sort of punishment for being such idolized women. But she continues with her same ways and becomes and helpful wife and mother. Actually her helpfulness for her husband is almost a service to the men in her life. She aims to please, help, and aid them as it is her duty. “I must stop, for Jonathan is waking—I must attend to my husband!” (Dracula 9) Today Mina would get scrutinized for being at her husband beck and call all the time. People would tell her to live more for herself and succeed to better herself than to better her husband alone.





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