"The Werewolf's Daughter" Slovakia is an old werewolf tales we discussed in Unit 3. "The Werewolf's Daughter" is about a family consisting of a father who has nine daughters. The father was a werewolf and decided there was no point in supporting so many girls. Due to this thought, he decided to trick and kill all of them. The father would lure his daughters one by one into burying their own grave and casting them into it. The last, prettiest, daughter questions the situation and decides to run away and is recused by the King. The werewolf father kills the children of his daughter and the king, framing his daughter. The king falls for the trap and hangs her. A hermit revives the family and reveals the truth to the king. The king casts the werewolf father over a cliff and the king, queen, and children live happily ever after.

This story represents the themes of fear of sexuality, deceit and trustworthiness, and karma. In both the "The Werewolf's Daughter," "Little Red Hat," and "Little Red Riding Hood" the antagonist, werewolf, ogre, and wolf, all prey on the weaker female characters. I think that this similarity represents the fear of sexuality as the men prey on and are superior to the women characters. Each story signifies that men over powering women, which was a common belief in this era. Little Red Riding Hood and the daughters of the wolf in "The Werewolf's Daughter" are said to be some of the most beautiful creatures to exist and eventually is killed/or attempted to be killed by the wolf. This signifies the fear the wolf has against the sexuality of women and his own sexual desires, wanting it to end by eliminating the drive. These anxieties connected to fear due to the reactions being so impulsive and emotional, seeming like the werewolves want to eliminate the female species so they don’t have to deal with the anxieties about sexuality.

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