Movie Summary:

The 2004 movie Night Watch Russian Supernatural thriller adapted from the book Night Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko. This movie takes place in 1990’s Moscow, where the Others a race of vampires who much choose to serve the Night Watch (Light) and Day Watch (Dark). The Dark just want to cause chaos much like the vampires from old folklore stories like, Death at the Wedding, Bucket of Blood , The Sorceress, The Vampire, The Peasant and Corpse . The viewer follows the main character Anton Gorodetsky portrayed by Konstantin Khabensky . He is a member of the Night Watch is out on a Hunt to catch a member of the Days Watch and save a child. While out on the hunt he runs into the Virgin an instrumental part in the apocalypse. The apocalypse will bring on the end war in which the light and Dark will battle. Anton tries to prevent an apocalypse and inadvertently cause another to choose the side of the Dark.

Character: Anton Gorodetsky


As an Other (supernatural creature) Anton is a vampire with special powers. He also has enhanced speed, strength, and reflexes. The Others have the ability to tap into the gloom a dark realm. Others have the sight and can get brief visions of the future.


Anton is a Russian man with a stocky build. He has the vampire pale skin and elongated canine teeth. His features include short dark brown hair and green eyes. He can be seen wearing dark colored pants paired with a sweater or jacket and of course his dark tinted sunglass.


He works for the Night Watch living in modern Moscow, Russia. Because he is one of the Night Watch he only drinks blood when going on a hunt. A hunt is when an Other of the Night Watch goes after an Other of the Day Watch for breaking the law. When going on a hunt he brings a flashlight with a UV light bulb along with him for protection.

Character Analysis:

It is clear that he feels guilt for a past decision that lead him to become an Other. Twelve years before when Anton become an Other his wife had recently left him for another man. His solution to this problem was to go and visit a witch. The witch offered to help him by causing her to lose her feeling for the other man. The witch also, reveals that his wife carries the child of another. She offers to kill the child which will pull his wife's away from him in the future. Only if he will take responsibility for the child’s death. Anton agrees to the terms, but during as the spell begins he regrets his discussion. Just as the Witch is about to finish the spell the Night Watch shows up and stops her from completing the spell, thus saving the child. This event greatly influences his discussion in the movie and consequently influences another to choose the Dark. This situation motivates his discussion for going after the child to keep him safe from the Dark vampire. More so after he finds out the child is that of his ex-wife the same child that he had tried to kill before. And throughout the film he has flash backs to this scene indicating he feels great guilt for his hand in this event.


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