Night Watch (2004), has an interesting take on vampires and other immortal beings, known as Others. In the beginning of the film the narrator explains that there are humans that have abilities beyond what a normal human would have. There is a battle between the Light others and the Dark Others. The Light Others protect mankind from the Dark Others who prey upon them, this shows that light is good and dark is bad—a common theme in movies. Zavulon is the leader of the Dark Others who enjoyed watching the slaughter of the battle and Gesser—the leader of the Light Others—cried and stopped the battle. The Dark and Light started a truce that would keep a balance between the two. In this movie, vampires belong to the Dark, and are the outsiders of the outsiders. They are the Others that need to be regulated because they feed off the humans. One great other has yet to arrive, and is said to be able to throw off the balance between Dark and Light if he so chooses. We meet Anton, who is a heartbroken newlywed whose wife left him because she is pregnant. Anton is told that it is not his baby, so he seeks out a witch who can abort the unborn. This experience allowed Anton to realize that he was an Other, he then had to choose between the Light and the Dark.  Anton chose the Light and became a part of the Night Watch. He is seer, who can help track an Other that may be breaking the truce. He is a conflicted “hero” where he realizes he’s an Other while under a Dark condition, and it is said that it is worse to be fighting to save the light on the outside while the dark on the inside takes over. This ultimately pushes the great other to choose the Dark, Anton who is supposed to keep the Dark under control allowed the dark inside him to consume him. He was struggling with alcohol abuse and trying to cope with his bad choices. This movie shows how everything can come full circle, by one wrong decision the entire balance of life can be thrown off and it will all come crashing down when you least expect it even after you have done all you can to amend that one bad choice.

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