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Night Watch is a German fantasy film written and directed by Timur Bekmambetov in 2004. The film is based off of Sergei Lukyanenko's novel, The Night Watch.

There are special people in the world who are gifted with the ability to either save or destroy lives. They are called the Others and when their time comes, they must decide whether they want to join the Light or Dark forces. Before Anton Gorodetsky realizes that he is an Other, he loses his impregnated wife to another man. He visits a Witch in hopes of retrieving his wife back, but it comes with a cost. He must agree to have the child killed before he is born. Without knowing that the son is his, he strikes a deal with the Witch. However, the spell could not be complete as two men come in and cease the Witch. The men realize how Anton can see them,and years later, he works together with them as a Light Night Watcher. But, finally the time comes and his past of wanting to kill his son comes and haunts him. With a damnable vortex and a fight between Light and Dark, balance is soon broken.

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Anton Gorodetsky Edit

Anton is the main character in the film. One day, he is instructed to look after a boy, Yegor, who hears voices of a female vampire who is trying to prey on his blood. (For a deeper character analysis on Yegor, check out SlRSSS31529's vampedia entry ) But, the thing about the Light forces is that they need to drink blood before they can go vampire hunting. Thankfully, Anton’s friend and neighbor owns a meat shop where the blood of meat is similar to the blood of humans. With this added strength, he goes on a journey through a subway and abandon shack to get Yegor to safety.



Anton uses an ultraviolet flashlight as his protection tool. The light enables him to see vampires and destroy them. When he shines it out in the subway, he is shocked at what he sees. There is a woman, Svetlana, who appears to be damned. Later, it is evident that she is the one who is causing the vortex.  

Before he can worry about her, he finds Yegor and attempts to bring him to safety. By doing so, he had to kill the male vampire. This was actually the first step in the breaking the balance. Now, the Dark Forces are after him.

This event causes Anton to lose a lot of strength. He is delivered to Gesser, the head of Night Watch and Light forces, who tries to get him safe and protected. He gives Anton an assistant (Olga) who later shape shifts from an owl into a human. Together, they look for Yegor and find him at his house. This is about the time when Anton realizes that Yegor is his son.

Anton knows that the female vampire will not try to prey on Yegor while him and Olga are watching him. But, Gesser soon tells Anton that there is a damnable vortex that needs to be stopped. With two problems at hand, Yegor goes into the care of two other Night Watchers.

Now, Anton must track down Svetlana as he knows she is not a vampire, yet she is somehow cursed. He pretends to be one of her patients and goes into her home late at night. Svetlana soon realizes there is nothing wrong with Anton. This is when Anton tells her that she is damned. To his surprise, Svetlana already knew this. She admits to cursing herself, and the vortex disappears.

Now we go back to the Yegor situation. Since the vortex has disappeared, Zivulon, the leader of the Dark forces makes his presence. Gesser has initially protected Anton from Zivulon through a symbolic chain, but the female vampire orders him to take it off, as well as destroying his flashlight. The female vampire wants him in return of Yegor. Once Yegor is free, Anton gets into a fight with the vampire, and then with Zivulon. But, Zivulon makes it seem as if Anton is trying to kill Yegor. After the incident, one of Zivulon’s men brings up Anton’s past of agreeing to his wife’s miscarriage. Yegor is hurt, therefore chooses to use his powers with the Dark forces. Essentially, Yegor broke the balance between the Light and Dark forces, but it is Anton who predetermined his fate when he made the deal with the Witch.  

Anton is a good character, even though he made a bad decision in the beginning. He was young and foolish. He did not know what was coming or who he actually was. It is evident from his youthful behaviors and decisions with the Witch that he would not have chosen this path if he knew otherwise. Anton is not related to vampires, but has supernatural powers. In the film, it is also evident that not all vampires and supernatural creatures are bad, it all depends on the side the Other chooses.    

For a short character analysis of the rest of the cast, visit this TVTrop wiki.

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