The movie Night Watch, which is yet another vampire movie released in the early 2000's, demonstrates a few of the rules that come with vampirism. We see the blood thirsty side of the vampires as well as the fear of natural light, however this movie presents a different plot than most others of the vampire type. The forces of Darkness, represented by the Dark Other, came into the world through a vortex created by a cursed Virgin. Dark Other's are vampires that seek to feed on the blood of human's. Because

of this the role of the Light Other's comes into play. These supernatural individuals seek to defend these helpless human's from the attacks of the Dark Other's.

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At the beginning of the movie, Geser, Lord of the Light, and Zavulon, General of the Darkness, find themselves as well as their armies in a battle to defend their grounds. Once both of them realize this will result in total annihilation on both sides the two leaders form a truce. So the story continues, everyone who is born into an Other has a choice to join the light or dark side. The plot thickens with the birth of what is known as a Great Other, one who is far more superior and powerful than all Others who have ever lived. The Great Other is a 12 year old boy that goes by Yegor, who also happens to be the son of the protagonist Anton. For the later half of the movie Anton finds himself responsible for the protection of Yegor from blood thirsty vampires. Initially, he doesn't know that he is protecting the life of his own son, but it doesn't take long for him to put the pieces together after babysitting Yegor in his house. Yegor has to choose to

a side to join, Dark or Light. If he chooses the Darkness he will ultimately seal the fate of the world. In the final scene, Yegor discovers that his father, Anton, attempted to have him aborted. He responds by telling Anton, "You're worse than the Dark," thus persuading him to choose the side of Evil.

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