Summary of Film

Night Watch (2004 film) theatrical poster

Night Watch begins with capturing the attention of the audience by introducing humans who possess unique powers. These humans go by the name of the “Others”, and they have been around as far back as the medieval era. The prologue of the film shows a war that was taking place during the medieval times between the two groups of the Others. One side of the Others battles for light, meaning they fight to protect humans from the dark side. The opposing side battles for darkness, and they are mostly made up of vampires. The Others of light are led by Geser, and the Others of darkness are led by Zavulon. The two sides are currently at a truce, and it has lasted up to the present time when the story of the film takes place. The film begins several years in the future in Moscow, and it shows the character Anton visiting a witch named Daria. Anton’s wife left him for someone else, and he visits the witch in an attempt to cast a spell of his ex-wife and get her back. It is then revealed that Anton is an Other when two figures emerge and notice him while stopping the witch from completing the spell. Anton later becomes a Night Watch, and part of his duty as a Night Watch is to drink blood and use it to hunt vampires. A few years pass and a boy named Yegor is getting a psychic call from a vampire who wants to attack him. Anton arrives and kills one of the two vampires who attempted to feed off on Yegor and becomes injured.

Geser heals Anton, and tells him of the legend of the virgin who has been cursed and is surrounded by a vortex. Anton, along with his owl assistant named Olga track down Yegor and together they enter the gloom where Anton finds out that Yegor is his son. Once inside the gloom, Yegor receives another psychic call from a female vampire. Anton and Olga arrive outside of the apartment of Svetlana, who is then revealed to be the woman who was been cursed and is holding Yegor. The vortex that surrounds her is out of control, and when Anton approaches to speak to her, she reveals that she is also an Other and that she is the one her cursed herself. The vortex disappears and when Yegor attempts to escape, he is captured by Zavulon. Anton and Zavulon go into battle, and an assistant of the leader of darkness reveals to Yegor that his father tried to kill him when he tried to cast a spell on his ex-wife who was pregnant with Yegor. The film has a dark ending, in which Yegor has chosen to lead the side of darkness after the horrible news of his father. Yegor may have chosen the dark side, but there will always be the Others of light to battle for good.  

Historical Context

The film places an emphasis on medieval times in the way it introduces the humans called “The Others.” The film used this era in its prologue because Vampirism was something that was heavily emphasized during the middle ages. The characters in Night Watch mainly consist of vampires, and the author set the tone of a medieval theme by showing the Others battle each other in the introduction.  


Night Watch, Film (USA 2004).

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