The Russian-made film Night Watch directed by Timur Bekmambetov in 2004, presents its audience with an interesting main character. Anton Gorodetsky, a man who finds his gift of ‘seeing’ in a secret world where there is a light side and a dark side, is enlightened after he goes to a witch to have his ex-wife’s child aborted. Anton is from the light side, and is a part of the Night Watch team, which seeks to guard the light side from any terrors and criminals that attempt to disrupt the truce between the two sides.

Anton’s overall character is a messy, intense, and wants to get the job done. He is a vampire hunter, and drinks blood in order to be able to hunt them. Compared to how he was in the beginning of the film when he visits the witch, the movie ends with him in a completely different light. He started off insecure and innocent, but his being able to see the world of Others changed him as a man, and made him tough and resilient.

Anton as a character holds a resounding place in the world of fandom and media as a whole, and we see hardened, emotionally tortured leads in many films of this type of genre. Take the movie Blade (1998), for example. The main character, who is fueled with resentment towards the world of Vampires, even though he is part vampire himself. Anton, discovered his ability to ‘see’ when he was trying to have his wife’s child aborted in order to get her back, yet still chose to fight for the light side. They are both encountered with a chance to succumb to darkness and evil, but choose to do whats right for the betterment of society and the human race as a whole.

Blade. Dir. Stephen Norrington. New Line Cinema, 1998.

Night Watch. By Timur Bekmambetov. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, 2004.

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