In many fictions about vampires you will see an internal struggle amongst their kind, this struggle consists of the good vampires verses the evil. In the movie Night Watch this is no different. The opening seen of the movie you see the battle taking place in medieval times, a battle against light and darkness. In this movie the Vampires are called Others, with is the same as a vampire, they are humans with special powers that need to drink blood. The Dark Others rely on blood however and constantly drink it, typically this is through the form of animal blood in order to maintain the truce they made after their medieval battle. While on the Light side, Light Others only drink blood when they are trying to hunt down a Dark Other.

In comparison to other movies such as Twilight we see this conflict of good vampires versus evil vampires. In Twilight the Cullen family refuses to drink human blood and even protects humans from evil vampires trying to hurt them. “Most vampires give in to their desire for human blood, but the Cullens don't. It's not easy for them, but Carlisle's mission to avoid "evil" acts is focused and strong-willed enough for the Cullens to successfully live without partaking in their natural craving for human blood,” (

Unlike other vampire shows or movies however, there is on dusting difference, however. Vampires are not sexualized nearly as much in Night Watch. There was a case of a Vampire turning a human in order to be with her for love, although that was the extent of it. While in other vampire movies like Twilight you are constantly seeing vampires being sexualized. In Twilight all the vampires are good looking, and there are many times of sexual tension. “Edward is handsome, strong, and smart,” ( These factors apply to the other vampires as well, for the most part vampires are walking sex icons. Although the characters in twilight do not have sex until much later in the series, there are tons of sexual suggestion even when they first meet in the first movie or book. An example of this is, “the sexual suggestion of Bella lying in her bed with Edward, in the dark, without her father’s knowledge, is impossible to deny. So, even though they don’t have sex, it’s exactly this kind of scene that sexualizes this vampiric love story. In addition, the senses that are foremost in this novel are scent, touch, and taste, and the constant reference to these three, baser senses contributes to the sexual undercurrent. Bella describes Edward’s scent as “heady,” (Meyers 282) Edward says Bella tastes “even better than (he’d) imagined,” and both are hopelessly sensitive and addicted to the other’s touch (460). Also, the element of possession, power, and control that is so central to Edward’s feelings for Bella, creates a fifty shades-esque sexual domination tone throughout the work, which adds even further to the dangerously sexy appeal of Edward. As a fiercely powerful vampire, he has the ability to restrain Bella, and often does, sometimes for protection, but many other times, in a way much more reminiscent of bondage and SNM than protection,” (

Although Night Watch has similarities to many vampire movies I've seen, such as twilight, there is one big difference amongst them. Night Watch is an action thriller film where vampires aren't a sexual icon. While as videos such as Twilight or Vampire Diaries has made it what seems like their goal to sexualize their vampire characters as much as they can, even though the struggle against good and evil is still present.

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