Heel Nisa
Nisa is the villainess from the 2006 film, Fright Club. She is a vampiress from the segment, "The Boy Who Cried Vamp." 

Nisa is a seductive exotic dancer at a night club, where she meets Jamal, leading to a sexual tryst backstage. Unbeknownst to Jamal, Nisa is a vampiress, and not only that, the club is overrun with vampires led by the club's owner, Lamar. Nisa turned heel during their sexual encounter, sinking her fangs into Jamal and leaving him in the process of becoming a vampire. Once Jamal learns about the vampires, he returns to the club and kills nearly all of them, including Lamar (which prevented him from becoming a vampire) and Jamal's girlfriend Kendra, who fully turned. Jamal ends up arrested and tells his story to the police, who don't believe him, while Nisa remains on the loose. In the end of the segment, the evil Nisa brandished her fangs and snarled to display her heel persona.


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