One of the characters or themes from Let the Right One In (2008)

The film, "Let The Right One In" made in 2008 by Thomas Alfredson is a romantic horror film based in the 1980s, showing the relationships between vampires and humans. This movie illustrates a relationship between Oskar, a young timid boy, and Eli a vampire. This movie illustrates that vampires can have loving relationships with humans, and not just desire to feed on them.

The 1980s was a time where the cold war ended, and there was a rise of music and movies. The 1980s gave a rise to pop culture and also a rise to actors and filmakers early careers. During the 1980s there was also a rise in horror movies as they became more popular. This could of been the reason for the making of this movie. To have a movie that shows a relationship between a human child and a vampire child would of been different than any other movie based in that time. The relationship between Oskar and Eli began as a friendship, when Eli moves in next door to him. At first Eli says that they cannot be friends even though she doesnt disclose that she is a vampire, but ovetime they become close. Eli first shows that she cars about Oskar when she tells him to defend himself against the bullies at school. We also see that Eli cares about Oskar when she agrees to date him. Oskar after showing Eli a private place thinks that tey should have a blood bond and cuts himself. Eli being a vampire most would believe would just kill Oskar because she is blood thristy, however she cleans up his blood and then runs before being tempted. This illustrates that she cares about Oskar because she does not want to harm him, and does not see him as food. Oskar also cares deeply for eli, because even after she kills someone he knows he still saves her life, and Eli saves his life when Conny and Jimmy try to drown him. In the end they run away to be together. 

Today in films it is normal to see vampires and humans in romantic relationships with eachother, but for films based in 1980 it was not. Vampires in media no longer have negative views about them. Instead they are sexualized and desired. A few things about Vampires has stayed the same, they are sensitive to light, however not all with burn. Also they have pail skin and fangs. 

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