The origin of the story "Little Red Riding Hood" is actually very interesting. A study done by the "National Geographic" tried to identify the original source of this fable with some intriguing results. Apparently "Little Red Riding Hood" has been traced using "Phylogenetics" which basically is using animals and the evolution of animals to best track where this fable could have stemmed. Using this strategy scholars have found matches in Asia, most of Europe, and even Africa. There are a lot of similarities to the moral of the story of "Little Red Riding Hood" in Asia and Africa but in these cases instead of using a wolf the fable refers to a large cat in Asia or hyenas in Africa. The most common and oldest telling of this tale can be tracked to the 11th century poem written by a priest in Belgium. This however could not even be the oldest telling of this story. It is possible that this tale can be taken even further into the past by word of mouth and only put to paper in the 11th century. Each variant of this story is remarkably similar and the spread of the this story could also give another clue of the age of this fable. Through the ages this story could have been passed by many means. During history the 11th century was known as the "high middle ages" where Italy had the high popes and China was leading the world in chemical discovery. All in all this was a golden age in information and the height of trade along the "silk road". The "silk road" was not only known for the passing of valuable goods but also stories such as Marco Polo's tales of the far east and possibly the common tale of "Little Red Riding Hood" or "Little Red Cap".

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