Oskar  is 12 year old  character portrayed in the film Let The Right One In. His parents are divorced and he lives with his mother in Blackeberg. He demonstrates a timid personality that enables others to bully him. Due to the bullying Oskar holds an abundant amount of hatred that he usually displays by exclaiming the words “Squeal” , “Squeal”. One time he imitates the words spoken to him by his aggressor and knifed a tree while repeating the word “Squeal”. It is during this night that he meets Eli a 12 year old girl that told him they couldn’t be friends.

As time passed Oskar started lending his Rubik’s Cube to Eli and taught her about morse code messages which they will later use to communicate through the walls. Oskar began to trust Eli to the point of telling her about his bullies. She encourage him to fight back and stay firm in order for them to stop bullying him. Eli’s advice motivated Oskar to ask a professor if he could enroll in physical training. His relationship with Eli in addition to his training helps him be brave and defend himself against his lifelong bully in a school’s field trip. He confronts Conny and hits him on the ear with a pole.

In an Attempt to get closer to Eli he cuts himself to mix his blood with Eli in order to form a blood bond. Eli reacts to the blood and drinks the spilled blood on the floor and asks him to run. Though she ends up fleeing.

Oskar decides to  see Eli and questions her whether she is a vampire. She admits her true nature, but convinces him that they are no different because whereas she kills for survival, he would kill in order to get even with his aggressors.

One night Oskar defends Eli from being killed, she wakes up and feeds from the person who wanted to kill her. The noise caused by the fight alerts the neighbors. Eli kisses Oskar and is convinced she has to leave forever.

Oskar is lure to resume his physical training but to his surprise his bullies arrive with Conny’s older brother. He forces Oskar to breath underwater for 3 minutes if not he would take out his eye. As Oskar drowned Eli arrived killing the bullies to protect him.

The last scene in Let The Right One In is Oskar traveling in a train with a big box beside him. A morse message is heard from inside the box. He replies back with a smile.

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