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Eli in Let the Right One in

Analysis Edit

In the end of Let the Right One in, a Swedish film from 2008, we see Oskar leaving on a train, presumably running away, with Eli in a box. They are tapping in Morse code, and the final message is “puss”, which means a little kiss in Swedish. However, this fairy tale like ending is far from the truth. Looking closely at the life of Hakan, Eli’s caretaker, and clues of Eli’s age, it’s clear that Oskar will face a terrible fate. It’s pretty clear that Eli is hundreds of years old, and it’s implied that Hakan was once the same age as Eli looks, and that they feel in love and had a similar love story to Oskar. Hakan even asks Eli not to see Oskar at a certain time. As Hakan got older, he failed to be proficient at providing Eli with the blood she needs to live. Then, for his love of Eli, Hakan destroys his face using acid. Oskar will soon have to suffer a similar fate to Hakan. Oskar, full of his violent tendencies and build up anger, will have to murder innocent people for Eli. This is most heavily expressed when looking closely at the timing of the film. Eli only decides to “go steady” with Oskar when she drinks Hakan’s blood. She only accepts Oskar once she has taken absolutely everything she can from Hakan, his life. This puts Eli in a new light. She is actually truly evil, finding these poor outcasts and seducing them, much like older vampires, only in a different and subtle sense. She, although totally capable of killing, as seen many times in the film, decides to utilize these lost boys to do her dirty work for her, giving her the security blanket of not having to get caught or risk death. She doesn’t even obey Hakan’s wishes for Eli to not see Oskar on the night of Hakan’s capture.


Hakan pouring acid on his face

Let the Old Dreams Die Edit


Let the Old Dreams Die is a short story that was written as a epilogue to Let the Right One In. In Let the Old Dreams Die by John Ajvide Lindqvist we finally know what happens to Eli and Oskar after films ending on the train. In the movie we don't know the destination of the train but we see the two main characters together with Eli being smuggled in a box. In Let the Old Dreams Die a conductor, named Stefan asks Oskar for his ticket. When Oscar and Eli leaves the train, Stefan sees Eli and Oskar together at the station sitting on the coffin and exchanging blood with each other. Stefan know something is not right and goes to the police who are investigating the murders at the pool. Stefan Meets his wife Karin when talking to the police who spends twenty eight years on the case and never finds Eli and Oskar. After years they receive a photo from the police department with Eli and Oskar in the background dated September 2008 from Barcelona. What we find out is that Oskar has turned into a vampire and he is in Barcelona with Eli and eventually get chased by Stefan and Karin.

Analysis Edit

After reading the short story we find out more information about the future of Eli and Oskar and how deep their connection really is. Eli who is so deeply in love with Oskar, another outsider like herself, that she turns him into a vampire so she can be with him forever. If one takes this into canon its hard to take Eli’s actions as evil or malicious because she can’t use Oskar if he is also a vampire like herself. This can be looked at in different ways but many see this as the future for Oskar and Eli and that they truly have a deep connection like no other.

References Edit

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