In the Swedish film, Let the Right One In, there are multiple interesting characters that all come into play with the whole issue of vampires and social isolation and the angst of youth. Especially for one specific character, Oskar—a 12-year-old boy who faces bullies and has an internal battle. He holds a secret that no one, but Eli knows about. He is obsessed with murder cases, especially gory unexplainable ones that are unsolved. Not to mention, he feels a sort of connection with Eli. In which case, Eli is a vampire and she fights at first for Oskar to not become involved with her. However, she gets drawn to the comfort and the fact that he isalready an outcast, that she influences to act on his inner desires. For him to defend himself and fight against his bullies. Yet, he seems to yearn to connect with someone and that is why he wanted to be friends with Eli, though when he realized the truth he tried to rationalize. Even then, Eli manipulated him to stay by making him feel some relation to her case. She quotes him and exposes him for his wants, that he thought were so hidden. Leading him to follow Eli and listen to her, he knows that her way of living is wrong but he also is aware that she cannot exactly control it. I believe Oskar is conscious about the fact that he knows Eli could kill him or drink his blood per say but she does not because she does care about him.  

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