Let the Right One in is a movie about a lonely boy named Oskar who has no friends and is bullied at school. Oskar is an outsider, a loner.

As the movie opens, we see Oskar stabbing imaginary foes and yelling at them, “squeal, squeal like a pig.” Oskar collects newspaper and magazine articles about grisly murders and plans how to get even with his tormentors.

Eli, a pale girl, moves in next to Oskar, but she tells him they cannot be friends. Oskar shows her Morse code and explains to her what a Rubik’s cube is and they eventually form a close friendship and communicate via Morse code through their bedroom walls. One of the times they are talking, it is cold outside, but Eli is barefoot and is only wearing a sweater. Oskar asks if she is cold to which she replies that she is used to it and does not think about it.

Oskar and Eli have a sleepover one night in Oskar’s room. Oskar asks Eli if she will be his girlfriend. She tells him she is not a girl. Sex is not on Oskar’s mind. In Jeffrey Jerome Cohen’s article, Monster Culture, Seven Theses, he states, “The Monster embodies those sexual practices that must not be committed, or that may be committed only through the body of the monster. She and them; the monster enforces the cultural codes that regulate sexual desire.”

Oskar and his classmates go on an ice skating field trip. His tormenters start teasing and bullying him, they find a stick and start hitting Oskar with it striking his cheek and leaving a cut. Having enough of this, Oskar finds another stick and hits one of the boys in the ear drawing blood. Oskar is rather proud of himself for standing up to the tormentors.

When Oskar sees Eli again, she sees the cut on his cheek and encourages him to fight. These are words Oskar has wanted to hear and he draws even closer to Eli. Unaware that Eli is a vampire, Oskar suggest they go to a private place he knows about and form a blood bond. When Oskar cuts his hand and the blood begins to leak out of the cut, Eli falls to the floor to lick up the blood. Oskar confront Eli about being a vampire and Eli admits to being a vampire. Oskar is upset that Eli kills to which she replies that he wants to kill and she needs to kill; their blood thirsty ways are alike.

The next morning, Martin, a friend of Conny who is one of Oskar’s tormentors encourages Oskar to continue a workout program he had started to become better fit to deal with them. At the swimming pool, Conny and his older brother, Jimmy along with the other thugs who torment Oskar, start a fire outside of the swimming pool to lure the fitness instructor away. The swimming area clears out and Jimmy threatens to take Oskar’s eye out unless he can stay under water for three minutes. While Oskar is under water, Eli comes to save him by killing and dismembering Jimmy and Conny and the gang of tormentors.

The Movie ends with Oskar on a train with a wooden box which protects Eli from the sunlight. They are communicating via Morse code.

Eli is the heroine in this movie because she rescues Oskar from his tormenters. As in the story, A Young Man and His Vampire Brother, the Vampire brother rewarded his brother because he paid a debt for the vampire. The Vampire comes to the rescue.

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