Oskar: Oskar is one of the two main characters from Tomas Alfredson’s movie Let the Right One In. Oskar is a pre-teen boy living in suburban Sweden. Oskar is blatantly outcasted by the rest of the people in his school, and is constantly harassed and bullied by a group of students. Oskar never resists or struggles when he is confronted by these bullies, but is seen pretending to confront them with a knife by the second main character,Eli . Eli and Oskar develop a platonic relationship, due to their common perception as outcasts. It becomes evident that Eli is a sort of vampire, and while most people would be afraid of this fact, Oskar disregards it entirely.  This decision proves fruitful for Oskar later in the story. Due to Eli’s need for human blood to live, and in order to defend her now befriended Oskar, Eli attacks and kills one of Oskar's main bullies from school. Eli doing such a thing for Oskar seems peculiar, because when Oskar and Eli first met, she specifically said that they could not be friends. This implies that Eli has some affection for Oskar, despite Eli’s seeming lack of emotion and disconnection from the rest of the world. This seems to contradict some of the older stories of vampires, such as Dracula, where Dracula is portrayed as having no true or meaningful connection with any other humans. While Elie still seems to be disconnected from the world around her, she still seems to have a quasi-friendship with Oskar. This could mean, that Eli is more evolved or developed than the other vampires and the vampires that came before her. Though this concept is purely speculative, it would make sense that each vampire is not the same as the previous, and that the “species” as a whole could evolve through time.

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