One of the overall themes of the Swedish film "Let the Right One In” is one of being out-casted from society for their differences. The two main characters of the film are twelve year old. Oskar, a human boy, and Eli a girl vampire. Both of these protagonists are characterized as outsiders in society. From the beginning of the film the audience sees that Oskar is out-casted from his peers for his loner tendencies. Instead of being accepted for who he is, he is rejected and gets bullied from three kids in his class. This shows that their town has a tendency to act violent towards loners. Eli is a vampire who is rejected from society overall. Her kind is not accepted into the normal fabric of society. She is a loner as well and her care taker Hakan is one as well. In one scene during the movie he is asked to join the rest of the people in the small restaurant for Lunch, but he ignores their attempts and rejects them, which obviously displeases them. Since they’re rejected they’re “Othered” by society. This definition was given by Professor Naomi Caffee in a lecture. Othering is when a person is set apart from the majority of people, and that they highlight the differences between the two. Like stated earlier they are rejected and out-casted. Another thing that highlights the theme of being “othered” is the type of vampire Eli is. According to Jeffrey Cohen’s “Monster Culture: Seven Theses,” Eli can be seen as the fourth thesis: the monster that dwells at the gates of difference. Eli embodies what being an outsider is, and she represents the cultural differences within the community she is at. She is a child in an adult world, a night-walker, and a murderer. Her differences and her union with Oskar challenges and disrupts the way things are run and set in their community. In the end she ends up taking Oskar with her as she flees the town, further disrupting social and cultural boundaries set on children in that society.


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