In the movie I was a teenage werewolf there are two clear themes at play. The first being with doctor Brandon. The doctor plays the role of god because of his actions of injecting serum into Tony that could alter his life. By altering and changing Tonys life in a way that only God should be able to, the doctor is playing the role of god. In laying the role of god the doctor does not know when to stop. After Tony kills all those people, the doctor is more interested in filming his transformation in order to get ahead in the science community, than helping Tony and possibly saving his life. This is a clear example of playing God because when the doctor injects Tony the last time results in his and Tonys death which should of only been an act of a real God.

Another theme that is clear in this movie is the theme of violent behavior. It is understood that males in their teenage years have more aggression and also do not always know how to handle it. In Tony's case his aggression comes about whenever he gets surprised, for example when his friend surprises him at a party and Tony then attacks him. The violent behavior Tony has before he is injected with serum could be explained by the hormones a young man that age is experiencing, but it only gets worse once he starts taking the serum. The natural aggression he has combined with the serum he is given created this violent werewolf who kills for the sake of killing.

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