Vampire Porcelain

Porcelain Bidet as an evil vampiress

Porcelain Bidet is a regular character from the third and final season of Son of the Beach. She is the lone villainess out of the group of lifeguards at SPF 30. In the episode, "Hamm Stoker's Suck My Blood," Porcelain turned heel and became an evil vampiress under the spell of the villainous vampire queen, Nutragena. Porcelain was turned by Noccus Johnstein, who became a vampire when he was attacked by Nutragena. Later in the episode, the evil Porcelain inserted her fangs into Kimberlee, turning her into a vampire as well. Porcelain regained her humanity when Nutragena was killed by Notch Johnson. Despite this, Porcelain continued displaying an arrogant heel persona.

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