In the song, “Lil Red Riding Hood” by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs, the werewolf is portrayed as a protector instead of a predator. He is attracted to her, and wants to hold on to her instead of hurt her. He wants to be good instead of the monster he is portrayed to be. For example, the song lyrics write, “Even bad wolves can be good”, and “Little red riding hood, I’d like to hold you”. This theme of a natural predator wanting to be a protector and use its power for good, is also shown in the MTV Show Teen Wolf, where the main character, is bitten by a werewolf and has no choice but to learn and eventually master this new power. The main character Scoot Mccaw, is a high school student who takes on the burden of being a powerful werewolf who protects his friends and hometown Beacon Hills. His hometown Beacon Hills, is a beacon for supernatural creatures so Scott is always busy being a student by day and a protector at night. Scott is something called a ‘true alpha’ which means he does not have to kill an alpha to become one. This is very rare, and because of this he is more powerful than most werewolves, he always being challenged. Supernatural creatures come try to kill him and his ‘pack’, which is Scott’s close friends and family. Scott considers his pack his family, and will do anything to save them. This reoccurring theme is shown again in the 2010 news broadcast on “Teenage Werewolves” where a group of high schoolers came together and started their own wolf packs. These wolf packs are different than gangs, and the members consider themselves family, just like Scott Mccaw does in Teen Wolf. For example, one of the Teenage Werewolves was quoted saying, “Gangs are posers, they just want attention that’s why they go tagging stuff. The pack, we’re a family, we go to each other for our problems”.

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